Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Interesting Take On Race And The Predictable Idiotic Leftist Reaction

I read THIS article and found it both fascinating and chock full of scary truthiness that so many leftists like to ignore from their IVORY towers. The article called "Being White In Philly" raises some very interesting points. All one has to do is actually READ the article to see its author did his homework.

That’s the other surprise: If you’re not an American, the absence of a historical filter results in a raw view focused strictly on the here and now. I meet a contractor from Maine named Adrian, who brought his Panamanian wife to live here, at 19th and Girard, where she saw fighting and drug deals and general bad behavior at the edge of Brewerytown. It all had her convinced there is a “moral poverty” among inner-city blacks.

American whites I talk to in Fairmount have a decidedly different take. Our racial history, as horrible and daunting as it is, has created a certain tolerance of how things operate in the neighborhood, an acceptance of an edgy status quo.

One Fairmounter blames herself for her grill being stolen from her backyard, because if you don’t fence it in, she tells me, you’re asking for it. A pumpkin gets lifted from her front stoop in the fall, she buys another. That one gets stolen, she gets one more. It’s called city living. Flowerpots, even trash cans—they don’t stick around. Porch chairs have to be chained together. Your car window is likely to get smashed every now and then.
This is not a black bashing article, it's a reality one. A thought provoking one; an opening of conversation one. So of course we all know how NUTTER the Nutter Mayor of Philly had to react: Controversial Article Published In Local Magazine Has Mayor Nutter Asking For Investigation..... An investigation into what? Certainly not the fact that some 50% of blacks in Philly fail to graduate high school. Or that they are responsible for the majority of the crime. Or that their children become drug dealers before puberty.

No for him and the people who elect him it's all about race and not the relations. And as this article clearly shows, until the race is second to relations there will be no change.

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