Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fake Hate

What's worse than REAL HATE???Fake hate. Oberlin College, which is a bastion of frothing liberal morons,is in full hand wringing mode over a couple of incidents that may or may not have actually happened(the ever present swastika and some supposed anti-gay slurs). The most odious event, a robbed figure standing outside the African Culture room turned out to be a student walking around in the middle of the night with a blanket. In other words, it did not even fucking HAPPEN.

"Actress" Lena Dunham, and I use the word actress here only because I suppose calling her a nasty crotch sniffing troglodyte may be a bit mean, has been going off on her Twitter account about how far her Alma mater has fallen. Mia Farrow and many other Hollyweird nut jobs have joined the fun as well. Crying out against what they do not know. I mean is it just me or has the end result of almost 99% of these cases turned out to be whining little twats who want attention, themselves, gay, black or self loathing white liberals?

Why the hell are we tolerating this whining mass of useless pussies. Waaaa......someone did something mean so let's close our entire fucking school and crying all day about it, maybe pass some laws banning blankets. You realize that some media actually interviewed these Oberlin pussies and the students said they were scared. Of paint. They were scared of free speech. They were so scared the damn school shut down for an entire day over a kid in a blanket.

These pussies will be the end of this country. I now await the Zombie Apocalypse with glee.

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