Friday, April 19, 2013

The Victims

When dealing with America hating Muslims you often have this case we have 4 dead innocents and over 170 people whose lives will never ever be the same. Now that the sick fucks have been killed/taken into custody, let's take a moment to remember those killed and the heroes.

Jeff's legs were blown off by Muslim Terrorists while enjoying watching the Boston Marathon.
Meet Jeff Bauman, the young man from the now iconic picture of the "Man with no Legs".....after losing both legs to the Boston Marathon bombings Jeff managed to identify both suspects for police.

Jeff is recovering from his horrific injuries and got a visit from his favorite celebrity Bradley Cooper.

Krystle Campbell, 29, Arlington, Massachusetts: Killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

Martin Richard, 8, Dorchester, Massachusetts: Killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

Lu Lingzi, 23, Shenyang, China: Killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, Massachusetts: Killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

NEVER FORGET. No seriously...because clearly a whole lot of us did.

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