Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Just Islam

How typically Muslim of them....

Blood on his hands, hatred in his eyes: 2:30pm on a suburban high street, Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror.
Yes, you blow up our buildings, buses, innocent marathon mutilate women and teach them to be nothing more that subjugated chattel covered in rags and YOU are the "wronged" ones? Oh you want an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? You just fucked with England....AGAIN. They are MAD. My husband, who hails from less than 3 train stops from the attack, is seething. I've been there and it was getting bad then, a couple years ago and it's getting worse. Do we want this here? No more Visas and no more Muslim immigration. PERIOD. They do not belong here.

I watched some Muslim girl walking across the street yesterday in the warm May afternoon covered from head to toe in cloth and thought,"This is not how an AMERICAN lives." Nor a a true Englishperson. It's not. They can go back to whence they came and kill each other all they want. They can blow each other up and honor kill to their hearts delight. But fuck off back home you fucking cunts.

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