Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado

The utter devastation wreaked upon those who live in Oklahoma today makes my knees weak. I will keep my earthquakes. But I am so GD angry those children were sitting in that school WHY WHY WHY!!!! were they not in a shelter???? I swear this morning I looked at the weather and thought well, today these people will be underground in their shelters...looks like a bad day. I expected some injuries maybe a death or two from idiots who went out, but the NOAA and The Weather Channel made it beyond clear it was going to be bad. REALLY BAD. So someone tell me why the hell those kids were not in a shelter???? I will never under stand it. Here in Cali we are trained how to deal with quakes from kindergarten on. Why did the teachers not get them in the shelter. I am just so gutted by this. I am so sad, so hurt by this.

I send them all my love and hope that they can go on and be strong.

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