Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Repulimoron Beats Liberalstupid

Oh wow let us all celebrate...a stupid fuck who had not the decency to divorce his wife before hammering some Argentinian whore VS a woman who ran simply on her name and her married past/divorce and arrest record makes her no better.

I mean really this is embarrassing...I actually LIKED Sanford. But loser assholes who cannot even have the simple decency to actually divorce before using their little swords to have a party hold little interest with me.

And he's no better than she is.

Why the hell do we continually elect fucktards? On both sides....we fought a GOD DAMN WAR to get away from becoming a subject of the crown....so why do we act as though our hired thugs must come from such blue blooded and interbred and wholly worthless stock?

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