Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sheer Stupidity Of People

The aftermath of the Zimmerman/Martin trial proves once and for all how fucking stupid people are. As evidenced by comments on this blog and all over the interwebs.

It also shows how influential the mass media is. For example....there are still people who think the 911 operator told Zimmerman to "stay in his car". 1.) That never happened. 2.) He was out of his car. Hard to stay in a car when you are not in it.

There are still people out there who think that having your head smashed into concrete is not that bad. 1.) People die from it all the time. 2.) Having your nose broken hurts, a lot.

There are people who insist on referring to Martin as a "child". He stopped being a child when he decided to picks fights and get suspended from school, do drugs, play with guns and deal drugs. Children do not do that. It's no wonder his mother had given up on him and sent him away to live with his father. Her frustration at his behavior was quite evident.

I could go on for days...people still think Zimmerman called Martin a coon. Never happened. It's pathetic how manipulated people are over this issue. A young man is dead because he embraced a life that made him not walk away. It was all he had to do. He'd be home right now suspended from school, smoking weed and making a new batch of Purple Drank. This life is what needs to be addressed. That's the injustice here. A society that thinks gangsta is a good thing. Look at Chicago. Young black men are killing each other by the score and there is no outrage from this administration or the media. You want change? Start at home, with your kids. Had Martin's parents intervened earlier, maybe we'd be reading about Martin graduating from school with honors, instead of his tragic end.

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