Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Baaaa-aaack

What a week. 6 days of ever lasting hell in San hotel was less than 3 blocks from The Alamo and I never even saw it. I learned a lot and some of it was good but....for the love of GAWD, these conferences are just crazy. 14 hour days followed by mandatory dinners and meet ups. Good lord. Had ZERO time for blog, phone calls, eating, sleeping or doing anything but work really.

We had fun last night....private concert by Kelly her type of music or not, the girl can belt them out and was really impressive. She has a fantastic voice.

BUT..... the best part of the week was this:

The Natural Balance Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. Just incredible. I was really impressed and had fun talking to a dog handler that was there with Jim, a Afghanistan vet dog. Jim, loved to serve his country and I also found he loved to have his chin scritch scratched! Loved him.

Long week and I just wanted to say Hi....will be back tomorrow....will be passing out now.

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