Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Down With EBT? Yeah NO Not Me....

The whining masses were bitching like little twats over a few hours without their freebies. Apparently the EBT system was down in 17 states for a few hours today.

Really? You can't go a few hours without your EBT? Apparently not because the teet sucking twats were threatening violence and riots in minutes....

They tryna be funny cutting EBT food stamps in Cleveland, OH. Well, A hungry enough man will KILL. Government Shutdown 13' - Mr. Lee @JohnLee216

ebt is down. there's about to be a muhfckn riot.- Daddy @SayNaiToDrugs

Dear EBT should be a requirement that you work for every fucking dime loaded on those cards. Need food? I need a clean freeway. For every hour you pick up trash we'll load your card. For every hour you clean a sidewalk, the beach, trails, for every can you recycle...THEN and only then would you even get a cent.

And furthermore, your card can be used to buy staples only...rice, beans, veggies, basic meats and soup. That's it. You can't use it at restaurants or to buy beer or chips and soda.. also it's NON TRANSFERABLE as well....It's simply a way to keep you from starving until you gain employment.

WTF are these EBT twats doing buying bottled water? Bottled water? I saw pics of abandoned carts at Wal-marts with bottled water and carving pumpkins in them. Motha fuckers better be drinking the tap water yo.

To the VERY small percentage of you out there who are on EBT because you truly need it, are looking for employment and use it carefully and only for what you NEED, not want,this message is not for you.

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