Friday, November 22, 2013

Knockout Game

Everyone heard of this new "game"? They are calling it the knockout teens walk up to victims and punch them as hard as they can. Knocking them out. No I am not gonna sugar coat this thing. It's spreading and even ended up here in San Diego.

San Diego Man May Be Latest Victim of ‘Knockout’ Game
If we are going to have something as ridiculous as a "hate crime" law, then this should certainly apply to each and every one of them. Period. Little fucks need to go to jail.

I watched a video of them yesterday laughing and smiling and joking about how funny it was to knock out an innocent person walking down the street. They claim they are "bored". So instead of applying themselves at school or cleaning up their hoods or doing ANYTHING positive, they decide punching whitey in the head is the way to go.

I await Jesse and Al's take on this. Especially the 678 year old lady that got cold cocked. I;m sure those two will find some way to justify that.


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