Sunday, November 24, 2013

PCBS Alert

Make your little kid learn about Islam OR ELSE....

Furious parents have condemned a school after receiving a letter that said their children would be branded ‘racists’ if they did not attend a workshop on Islam.

Lynn Small, headteacher of Littleton Green Community School in Huntingdon, Staffs, wrote to parents to say that a £5 trip to Staffordshire University was mandatory for years four and six.

Ms Small said that if the children did not attend the ‘cultural education’, during which they’d learn about Islamic artefacts, then they would have a ‘racial discrimination note’ attached to their record for the remainder of their school years.
OK....but then the next week they're gonna learn about Buddhism and then Hinduism and maybe just maybe Christianity? Somehow I doubt it. Just another case of England going the way of the Unicorn.

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