Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanks Lefties

I'd like to thank all those lefties out there that have made such a mockery of racism it's become a joke. Really can anyone take these cries of racism seriously anymore.

Take Kelly Osbourne. Ozzy's kid. She was trying to get home and was delayed by a couple hours because Barry was schmoozing with his Cali pals poncing for cash. She took to Twitter....I am so moody over this! I have been at work since 6:30am my dogs are trapped In my house because Obama wants to party for campaign $ 😡 -K. Osbourne

So @KellyOsbourne was inconvenienced by black people throwing a party! -@LancasterKat

And so on and so on. She racist because she's pissed at having worked 12 hours only to find she can't go home. HOW DARE SHE.

On a side note anyone can see the real racist is OBAMA. Did you see those Turkeys he pardoned? THEY ARE WHITE!!!!! White turkeys. Fucking racist.

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