Friday, January 17, 2014

If It's Yellow Let It Mellow....

I remember well in my childhood when California was having a drought the old saying....if it's yellow let it mellow....if it's brown flush it down...I remember this with a giggle because when we said it I was a child, a young was funny, but we did it. You didn't flush if you could avoid it, you let your lawn die and you prayed to the gods for the water to fall from the sky.

Back then I lived in Nor. Cal...where even in a drought there were some streams, our creek and greenery of assorted types. I now live in So. Cal and the drought looks a helluva lot more scary from here. Shit is so dry it grinds to powder...I walk my dog in the morning and the leaves and grass just fall apart under my feet. The tree's look like a MSNBC females host's vagina....dry and useless. And worry about're scared if your car backfires it may start the fire that melts us all into a gloopy pile of ashes. Sorry, but 80 degrees in January and dry hot winds is not "fun and cool"'s scary as hell. Look cold weather people, we'd all trade our left tits for some of your snow and or rain. No really.

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