Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Ponderings

When I walk my dog in the morning I obviously have a lot of time to think and ponder life, take in the view, observe people. This morning we walked for almost 2 hours. Sometimes I think about a new recipe or work or how cute my dog is. Sometimes it's deep shit and most of the time it isn't. Here's what I came up with today as we perused the fog shrouded ocean view.

1.) College kids these days are rude little shits and it's clearly up to me to put them in their place. Dear College Fucks, Hi, I'm the lady that called you guys a bunch of rude little fucktards. Yup that's me. Life lesson...if you are walking down a sidewalk 3 idiots wide and another person is coming in the opposite direction, one of you needs to fucking move. Seriously.

2.) 19% of adults in this country smoke cigarettes. But smokers have no rights, can't smoke at work, in restaurants, in some cases you can't even smoke in your own home or public sidewalks. Less than 2 percent of the country is gay...and they can be gay at work, in restaurants, in their own homes and on sidewalks. How is this fair???? (I never said my pondering made sense.)

3.) Why do moles taunt dogs? Popping their little mole heads up over and over so the dog goes into spastic frenzies of malicious mole murdering? Stupid moles.

4.) Are there REALLY people stupid enough vote for Hillary Clinton? In what alternate reality did she ever do ANYTHING that deserved being elected to the highest office in the land.

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