Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Death Of Fred Phelps

So many things come to mind when I think of Fred Phelps. His sick signs, bringing pain and emotional hell to the grieving families of soldiers. His utter hatred for humanity.

So when I heard about his death I felt joy. I laughed at the pictures of people lined up for miles to piss on his grave. I smiled that the world just became a little bit lighter now that that POS bastard is gone.

And then I thought about how like him that sounded. He was no Osama. He was no Hitler. He was just a tiny little man who was mean as hell and a total jerkface scum bag. So I thought on it some more.

I decided I'd honor his passing. I'd be the better person.

Who did Phelps hate more than anything? Gays and Soldiers.

So in Fred Phelps name I donated to:

Gary Sinise Foundation


I donated to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary....someone once told me one of the dogs there was gay.

On a side note, I gather he is not having a funeral. Little man full of fear carries it to the grave. Good night sir, I am sure you'll be warm where you are.

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