Saturday, March 08, 2014

The REAL Cost Of Obmacare

Today I was informed by "a friend" that her very large company that employs thousands, many thousands, of employees had issued a decree that was so absolutely fucked I knew OBAMA was to blame. And when asked for confirmation that indeed OBAMA was to blame, confirmation was in the affirmative.

The missive received stated that going forward, in 100% of all new hired employees were to be 100% PART TIME. ONLY. Unless it was a management position all new hires are to be hired as part time.

Why would this massive company do this? Why you ask? Well "my friend" happened to have her VP 3 feet from her when the missive came through and she turned and said.... "Obamacare????". And her VP nodded 3 times and said..."Gee...I dunno." Followed by several wink winks and a nod nod.

So where ONCE there were full time positions paying decent living wages there will be now a majority of part time positions that will require anyone wanting to make a living wage to have at least 2 jobs and most definitely not spend into the economy as they would have...

I want to assure you that this is 100% BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S FAULT. And any stupid leftard who wants to twist this or argue this away, I can assure you that your argument will lose. This is REALITY. And you leftard twits don't visit that world often but don't worry you stupid schmucks... it will bitch slap your ass soon enough.

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