Friday, May 09, 2014

Awwww Is Da Widdle Unions Mad?

Talk about pissing on your own shoes....Obama is going to give a blathering session in front of a Walmart up in Nor Cal today. In case you are not aware, Walmart is an evil ANTI-UNION bastard of a what does Obama's voter base think of his little speechy poo?

UFCW Pres Joe Hansen says Obama's event at a Walmart "sends a terrible message to workers across America."....LOL keep it up Obama and you might not get that 3rd term.

On a side note, the Walmart he's speaking at is in Mountain View, which is home to Google and several other huge Obama donating corporations...wonder what else he'll be doing while there. Average home price in that area is well over a 1.5 million, I know I'm from the town next door.

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