Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brat Kids With Guns: Isla Vista Killer

So....anyone hear about the spoiled brat in Isla Vista who went on a shooting rampage on Friday night?

I partied in Isla Vista several times back in my youth. It's full of spoiled, entitled rich kids. Mommy and Daddy send them to Isla Vista/UCSB to pretend to go to school while they pretty much just party their asses off and screw each other until the cows come home. Not kidding. It has to be the most useless UC school in the system. Hell half the shit heads I met when we'd go there were too stupid to tap a keg right. Amateurs.

So Elliot Rodger decided that all that money and privilege was not enough, the bitches and ho's weren't servicing him. They weren't doing his bidding. He was a 22 year old VIRGIN!!! Oh the horrors!!!! (I ponder whether he'd met his right hand yet?) So he decides that instead of maybe seeing a shrink to figure out why his narcissistic personality disorder was effecting his prowess with the "sluts" of UCSB (and there are a crap load of sluts there), he decided to kill. I watched his video manifesto thingy and this guy was seriously a total asshole.

Elliot was the epitome of the liberal elite progeny. Spoiled rotten, entitled and stupid. In his mind he deserved sluts of his own. I would hazard a guess he attended primary schools where he was told every day how awesome he was. I would also hazard a guess, he'd never "failed" at anything before. Because these kids are not allowed to fail. They are all super awesome kids with "bright futures" ahead. You can hear it in his he whines about not getting laid. Waaaaaa I'm a virgin, the ho's don't love me, so I'm gonna throw a hissy fit and kill 'em all!!!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!! Typical leftist. I don't get what I want, so I am just gonna take it!!!!

Now you have the father of one of the kids that was murdered, Chris Martinez, screaming about guns and blaming the NRA and the GOP for the death of his son. He's another of these leftard assholes who blame everyone and everything but the actual killer. This father, in his grief, instead of mourning his son and blaming the killer, blames guns. It actually almost made me jump on the conspiracy train and scream FALSE FLAG FALSE FLAG, so vehement was the fathers response to guns, rather than killers.

What are the facts here? Elliot Rodgers killed his 3 roommates via KNIFE. He injured more people with his car than he shot. So what was the lesson here? Guns are bad? Or cars? Or knives? Or PEOPLE???? Killers, murderers and psychos.

I am sorry for the families who lost children yesterday, it's awful. But we need to make sure we're blaming the right thing, the person, not the gun, not the knife and not the car. And then we need to look into WHY these young people think killing is the answer to their problems. How are they getting there, how are they making that choice? What pushes a little douche like Elliot to seek death, rather than embrace life. That's the only way to end these slayings.

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