Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Was woken up at a little after 5 am this morning with a neighbors' home burning to the ground, she did not survive. It was so sad. Seems she was a bit of a hoarder. The smell of smoke shot me out of bed faster than a rocket...fires bring bad memories to me after losing our home from the Cedar Fire.

"The Cedar Fire was a wildfire which burned through a large area of San Diego County, in Southern California in October 2003. The Cedar Fire was one of 15 wildfires throughout Southern California that month, which became known as the "2003 Firestorm" and the "Fire Siege of 2003." It was the largest wildfire in California history......."
Not to mention the 2007 wildfires...

So here we are in May....and we have a wildfire burning....three fires actually, it's nearly 100 degrees and the winds are howling....this does not bode well for the "fire season" which doesn't officially even start till next month. Fuck.

Birdy makes sure the firefighters are OK..scary fire! 

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