Thursday, May 01, 2014

So About Benghazi

So I have been looking at this and trying to figure out how I feel about the Rhodes e-mail. And after much consideration I have decided that this is not news and is not some kind of revelation.

One may ask why I feel this way but let's all face the facts:

1.) The Obama administration lies like a hooker avoids cops....ALL THE TIME.

2.) I'm not sure about anyone else but it was clear from Sunday 9/12/2012 that the administration was going to lie their asses off and spin this stupid, silly and completely useless "video" into something it never was, will be or could even imagine being.

3.) That Obama and his minions could give less than a wet fart on a dry September afternoon about real AMERICANS and their health and well being in the face of Islamic slaughter, is not shocking. Really, not at all.

4.) That Obama would cover up the fact that his administration was responsible for the end result of the TERRORIST attack on 9/11/2012 to gain 4 more years in office so he can rape the American people in a bad and dirty way, again, not shocking.

So in summary, this is just another day in Obama's America.

Where headlines like this just never get old:

Carney On Obamacare Enrollments: 'We Don't Have Hard Numbers, But We Dispute Their Numbers'......

Black congressman stands by comment that Clarence Thomas is an ‘Uncle Tom’......yet he's not banned or fined.

And then there was Jay Carney trying to pretend there are no lies.....

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