Sunday, May 04, 2014

Third World Here We Come!

As I walked my dog this morning, I saw a young Hispanic woman running as if the hounds of hell were after her. I saw a Hispanic male had been following her, but as he saw me and another dog walker approaching he turned around and started walking another direction. The woman was out of breath and looked scared as hell and kept looking to see if the man was gone or leaving. As I got closer I could see why she'd run.

The man had obviously just beaten the shit out of her. Huge gash on her forehead, eye already blackening. Split lip and she was holding her arm. When I got closer she looked at me and I asked her if I could help. Her response in very poor English was NO NO NO NO POLICIA!!!!! And then she runs away from me and the other dog walker who'd come up behind me and was also offering assistance.

Likely she has a concussion. And likely she has no medical insurance. And likely the man will never pay for his crime. And even more likely neither one of them belongs here -legally- in San Diego.

Sorry if this sounds cold, but I shouldn't have to see/deal with crap like this before 7 am on a Sunday morning, not in THIS hood. And if our border were secure I'd not have seen it.

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