Friday, July 25, 2014

Anyone Look At Drudge Amymore?

I have had a VERY long ass two weeks...this dog is nuts. I love the fuck outta him but man I basically spent 24/7 making sure he doesn't eat someone. Sorry I've been so distant, but I am averaging 2 hours of sleep a day with work and blah blah blah....and I have a work summit thingy/biz trip the week after next will be gone for a bit but I miss ya'll....AND the news....So I hit Drudge just to catch up...


Look people now is the time to kiss your ass goodbye. Ya'll seen some of this shit?

Obama Readying 'Very Significant' Executive Action On Immigration... Gutierrez: Amnesty for 5 million... Sessions: Will 'end immigration enforcement'... Gov't Cracks Down on School Bake Sales... Pentagon seeks technology to PREDICT 'societal unrest'... Fast food workers threaten civil disobedience over pay... HOA To Fine Vet Over Building Furniture For Needy Military Families In Garage... Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton says 'you don't have a right to know' what's going on in government....

Those are just SOME of the disturbing headlines. I mean are you fucking serious???? Cracking down on BAKE SALES????? We're fucked, and really, NO we are FUCKED.

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