Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Birdy's New Bro

SO......I have been VERY preoccupied for the last few days as Birdy, the cutest Dalmatian in the world, is getting a little bro.....He was found in the streets of Jackson, Tennessee and taken in by a Dalmatian Rescue internet buddy of mine. Just so you all know, when I am not arguing politics I work with several dog rescues local and around the country. Anyway, it was determined that this dog is so fucking cute and sweet I had to have him...was going to fly him out all criminal invader style when the foster Mom decided she wanted to take a road for the last few days I have been helping her and my new furkid and her dog get across the country.

Let me introduce Birdy's new little bro......MERLE!

This is Merle standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona......such a fine sight to see.....and yet really, he is ACTUALLY standing on THE corner in Winslow Arizona.

I already love the ever living shit out of this dog....he's so damn awesome. And I will not even meet him till sometime tomorrow.....sigh....I am a dog lovin' sucker.

On a side note, yes, his name is Merle, no, it's not gonna change. He was rescued and named Merlin, but, no. Just NO. There are already like 3 in my hood named Merlin. But I did not want to change his name too much. Watching Walking Dead....and there.

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