Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Endless Wave?

I keep reading about this so called "endless wave" of criminal invaders coming across our border. And at this point I do NOT understand why they, our government, are further allowing this horrific invasion to occur. Not one other country on earth would tolerate this. Because I assure you, this is not a few little kids, this is gang bangers, terrorists, murderers, felons, disease ridden, lice covered asshats. These people are not here to better this country, they are not here to make us a proud nation. They are here for the free handouts and many other nefarious reasons.

Give permission to shoot, send the national guard down and line the border and shoot anyone or anything that so much places half a pinky toe in our country. The 90,000 here already get shipped back to their country of origin. Done. Then take the 30 million fucking POS "dreamers" and do the same. Then close the border down. Period.

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