Thursday, August 07, 2014

And... I am BACK!

Good lord that was one long ass convention. Good times though, learned a lot and was immersed in sweet, sweet capitalism. But a week long convention in the state that MADE Jack Daniels is a long long long long week. I'm so tired you could almost consider me in a coma, but at least I can move my fingers.

Watched exactly zero news all week, saw something about Israel being pussies and calling for an unconditional cease fire again when I was in the airport today. Like that will solve the problem. back tomorrow, just loving on my family tonight and need to catch the fuck up on all the goings on.

This is Steve Connell. He was at the convention, had a beer with him last night. Amazing man. He really is. He did our opening and our closing. Tears were in my eyes, the guy has a way with words. Watch it.

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