Sunday, September 07, 2014

Most Disturbing

After those two crazy fucking Muzzie fuckers killed that soldier in London last year in the NAME OF ALLAH and Cameron going off lately, you'd think the English had found their lost balls. Apparently not.

Moments before Mrs Silva was attacked yesterday, a man was seen killing a cat and attacking a woman, smashing her car window as she cowered inside it.
Armed police officers raced to the scene in Nightingale Road, Edmonton, and ran through the street shouting at people to run for their lives.
Children screamed as police used battering rams and metal batons to smash windows and doors before dragging them to safety.

More than 20 officers were involved in arresting the man, who was shot with a Taser in a desperate bid to subdue him.
One officer broke their wrist in the chaos and a senior officer said police ‘put their lives on the line’ to stop the attack.
At some point, the knifeman targeted a grey Ford Focus carrying a man and a woman and struck the vehicle as they tried to escape.
So this fucker is a Muslim....who got pissed off for some reason and killed some cats, by slicing their heads off, then murders an 82 year old woman by slicing her head off and it's NOT terrorism? Muslims beheading people all over and not a word to say huh?

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