Sunday, October 12, 2014

He's Makin' A List.....

So what has Obama brought us so far?

1.) Ebola. 2.) TB. 3.) Scabies. 4.) More wars than we can count. 5.) Off the hook racism, with a side of rioting and whitey killing. 6.) Fast and Furious. 7.) Benghazi. 8.) ISIS. 9.) Beer Summits. 10.) Ferguson. 11.) If I had a son.... 12.) John Kerry. 13.) Eric Holder. 14.) Czars. 15.) Staggering unemployment. 16.) Massive inflation. 17.) Rampant cozening up to Wall St. and tax cheats. 18.) Worlds most expensive vacations. 19.) Bowe Bergdhal. 20.) Sergeant Tahmooressi.

I could go on....if America were a horse the vet would have taken her out back and shot her...stick as fork in us, we're done.

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