Monday, November 17, 2014

Held Hostage

OK...I'm back, let's just say my computer had a little..."vacation".

So Ferguson.

Michael Brown, an ADULT...a very LARGE ADULT male(6'4"...300lbs)...robbed a store and ASSAULTED the proprietor...then he was pulled by a cop for walking down the middle of a road like a total whackjob. A stoned out whackjob.

He attacked the cop, who was still in his car and badly beat him, broke his eye socket and tried to get his gun and was shot in the melee.

Then as he left the injured cop, he was told to stop and refused, told to stop again and refused and charged the officer, who then discharged his gun and killed him. Autopsy results show that he was not shot in the back and his arms were not in the air at the time. Why would they be, he showed no fear prior...not when he attacked the liquor store owner nor when he attacked a police officer in his own car.

Michael Browns parents clearly cared not at all about their kid in life but only care now that he was nailed as it was so likely he would be given the path he chose in life. They care about money, they are groomed race baiters and Officer Wilson SHOULD sue.

So anyway, now we all wait, like hostages, to see if the freaks will riot. WHY?

Grand Jury decides NOT to indict and all hell will break loose? Again, why? Mike Brown was not some upstanding citizen, he was pure scum. Scum his parents clearly gave less than half a shit about in life. But we're held hostage by racist whitey haters?

Time to stop the insanity. Obama could go a long way to heal this rift HE created, but won't. Nor will his best buddies Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. So who will? Because someone had better get on this ASAP. We cannot be held hostage by racist fuckers like these in Ferguson.

Sweet Little Innocent Mike Brown....

Mike Brown Innocent Little Flower

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