Thursday, February 05, 2015

Obama's Prayer Breakfast JOKE

Fuck Obama.

"So our "president" gave a pass to Radical Islamic terrorist organization ISIS because during the Crusades Christians did "terrible things in the name of Christ". Interesting Obama......but the Crusades were 920 years ago. ISIS is doing what they are doing....TODAY Why did Christians fight in the Crusades? Because the Muslim Turks (Seljuk Turks) attacked Jerusalem and captured or killed 3000 Christians on a pilgrimage there, and took their churches and turned them into stables. There was always a conflict between Christian territory and Muslim territory. But after the capture of Jerusalem and the surrounding territories Pope Urban II declared the first Crusade to get that territory back. And those who fought in the Crusades did not fight in the name of Christ. They fought under the orders of the Church. Back then the Catholic Church was far more powerful than it is today. TODAY...ISIS is killing thousands of people (men, women and children) in Middle Eastern territories because they are not Muslim. TODAY...ISIS is burning people alive, beheading them and executing them so they can get financial ransom. TODAY....ISIS and the other Radical Muslims want the Muslim religion to be the one true religion. This is not a fight over a specific territory...this is a fight over control of the world. And Muslims want ALL non-Muslims to be eliminated it is directed in their Koran. So when Obama compares what ISIS is doing is far different than the world was 920 years ago. And ISIS and Muslim terrorists ARE doing these things in the name of Muhammad..their prophet. -Matt Roberts
Obama you are a POS.

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