Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Micro Aggression

So I was looking into the story of Freebird, the St. Louis Cardinals mascot, who was photographed holding up a sign that read "Police Lives Matter". Apparently this really pissed off a lot of those people who just live their lives eternally pissed off at anything and everything.

Turns out the stupid bird didn't even know what the sign he was holding said. But leftards everywhere are crying in their soy lattes. Turns out, leftards don't really think police lives do matter.

It also turns out that apparently all cops are white. ALL OF THEM. And being white is a "MICROAGGRESSION". If you are white and you walk into a room full of brown people, that simple act of walking into that room is racist. Yup. eriously not making this shit up. I weep for our future.

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