Monday, June 22, 2015

OMG Obama Said The N Word

Holy crap Obama said the N word in an interview. Who the fuck cares.

He didn't call someone nigger nor did he use it in reference to any person. He simply stated that his take on race relations is categorically insane and probably thought using that word would make him more relevant.

Since day one in office this prick has used race to gain power and to hold power. He's brought race relations back 75 years. I know a lot of black people and some are awesome people who are a significant part of my life and some are asshole pricks who think the world owes them something. Same can be said for some serious cracker ass crackers I know and Hispanics and one Asian bitch who has no clue what the real world is like.

Yes Obama we CAN move past the past. Stupid race baiting fucks like you make that impossible. Holding whitey of today responsible for something the black man started several hundred years ago is THE PROBLEM. And lets not forget that a good number of us crackers came from families brought here in servitude. So the wheel spins both ways.

We either get the fuck over it and move on or yes there WILL be a race war and really, folks, the only ones who want that are the leftist scum who keep pushing for it. Stop giving it to them.

Oh and as for the stupid fuck Confederate Flag....anyone defending it needs to go choke on a cock. It's not a "symbol of the south" nor is it some kind of "remembrance flag". It's the flag of the people who thought slavery what the bomb diggity, they lost the fucking war for a reason, Karma's a bitch. I have a flag already thanks. It's red and white and blue and has stars and bars and frankly it's a lot prettier.

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