Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cecil Vs. Babies

I seriously have an issue with the faux outrage over Cecil The Lion being shot by the sadistic dentist vs. the fact that Planned Genocide hookers are selling baby parts for Lamborghini's and no one caring.

I love Lions. I love nature. I am a old hippie actually. I wear Birkenstock's too. I recycle, I save worms from drying on the gawddamn sidewalk. I watch my water usage. I cry over dog abuse stories everyday.

But fuck me sideways....Cecil is dead folks, the guy that did it is already paying in spades. He'll never be a dentist again.

But while that is over, PP is still slaughtering babies and selling their body parts for cash. And we pay for it with our tax dollars. Hands up! Who thinks paying some ugly cunt millions of dollars for selling baby parts is wrong? Abortion has it's place. There are times and circumstances where it's medically the only choice. But this is sick beyond words.

I ask society today....Where the fuck is the HUMANity today? Where a dead lion in a country that eats lions daily is more upsetting than millions of dead babies being sold as meat for some cunt to buy a Lamborghini?

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