Friday, September 11, 2015

No. I Have NOT Forgotten. 9/11: 14 Years Later

On the eve of 9/11 our current regime awards the enemies who paid for 9/11 150 billion dollars.

9/11 is always an emotional day for me. I remember every minute of that day. How did YOU handle that day? I went to work like a good little worker bee. Then came home and spent a better part of the day getting hammered with the crazy Russian kid next door. He had vodka and pickles. I cried. And I was scared. And while I love to go back to nature when I can the absence of planes in the sky creeped me out. I also discovered my inner tourettes syndrome. And I truly learned what hate was. I could live another 100 years and that day will still be one I personally will never ever forget.
You all wonder why I post less here these days? It's my full and total disgust at my country. No I will not forget nor have I forgotten. I look at Europe and watch them welcome ISIS into their homes. I know we'll do the same. 9/11 has been forgotten by too many.

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