Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Calls For Bipartisanship?

Obama spoke today at a GOP House Republicans' retreat in Baltimore, calling for bipartisanship and actually said, "We’ve got to be careful about what we say about each other."

Oh he wants to play all nicey nicey now does he?

Mr. President, allow me to help you understand what NOT to do in order to achieve bipartisanship. How to move past the rancor:

1.) Do NOT hold closed door meetings on subjects you want bipartisan support on. And sweetheart deals for scum sucking bottom feeders like....Sen. Landrieu -D Loiusianna or Sen Ben Nelson...I'd skip those.

2.) Squealing "I won!!!" like a 5 year old in response to serious questions, is not suggested either.

3.) Telling those who pose legitimate questions to basically STFU and sit down, not a good plan.

4.) Do NOT create a manufactured war against the one single news entity that DARES to not sit on your lap and beg for a cookie.

5.) Do NOT go on a world tour bowing and scarping to communist dictators.

6.) Do NOT try terrorists in civilian courts like common criminals.

7.) Do NOT call your own citizens teabaggers in a clearly derogatory way. They are after all voters.

8.) And maybe try to hire czars who do NOT call 50% of the country assholes.

Just a few ideas Barry.

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