Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tim Tebow Vs.

Tim Tebow's commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family, involves Tebow's mother's account of how she ignored a doctor's advice to abort her fifth child and how he grew up to be the obviously talented young man he is today. Sounds like a touching, moving and undoubtedly meaningful commercial. CBS agreed to air the ad.

Personally, I like my Super Bowl Commercials with a lot more humor. My favorite's are the Budweiser commercials with Dalmatians and Clydesdale horses. allegedly wanted to run an ad on CBS as well. An ad featuring two men making out. I gather from several news accounts I've read, it looks like didn't have the cash for the ad and used the controversy and frothing frenzy from Baby Killing Leftards to generate a little buzz for their man love hook up site. Good for them.

But is CBS being hypocritical? Airing an anti-abortion ad but not a gay dating site ad?

Nope. They can do whatever they want. Get the hell over it. The two are so far apart in the scope of things there is no comparison whatsoever.

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