Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's George Bush's Fault

It's George Bush's Fault. Everything is George Bush's fault. Stubbed your toe...George Bush must have been there. Cat get stuck in a tree? George Bush was around. Lost your job...clearly this is the fault of Bush. Can't get an erection? GWB in the hizzy! Did your finger find the hole in the doggy poop pick up baggy? George Bush is clearly at fault. Did the toaster overcook your toast? You know George Bush must have been in the vicinity. Earthquake in Taiwan? George Bush's fault. Were you driving 75 in a 25 zone, and get a ticket? George Bush is to blame blame.

It's George Bush's Fault. Blame Bush! Did you buy banana's, nice ones, only to find the inside was all brown and mushy? Blame George Bush. Snails eat all the good flowers in your garden and leave all the weeds? George Bush's fault. Last page of the gripping page turning novel you are reading is gone...George Bush must have taken it.

Everything that is wrong in the world is clearly the fault of George W. Bush. BLAME BUSH!!!!!!

Picture courtesy of The People's Cube.

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