Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Democrats Receive Death Threats

Democrat's LOVED Bush
So the people directly responsible for dividing this country like it hasn't been divided since the f-ing civil war are getting threats.
"The FBI is investigating threats against lawmakers stemming from intense opposition to the health care overhaul law.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says more than 10 Democratic lawmakers have reported incidents."
Well everyone knows MY RULES on death threats so save them for elsewhere. But I can hardly blame people for making statements they probably DON'T literally mean. People are angry. So VERY angry. This country has never in my lifetime been so divided.

Of course no one gives a rat's patootie when Republicans receive death threats. Hell I've received many personally.

Here's a nice LONG list of death threats against Republicans. No, I am not saying death threats are OK, I am saying they happen all the time, there are crazies on both sides, we know that. But I never heard on the 5 0'clock news about people (see below) that made shirts like this either.

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