Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chupacabra Found

This whole Chupacabra thing is disturbing....Apparently Texas is inundated with Chupacabras

"Earlier this week, animal control officer Frank Hackett shot and killed what was unquestionably one of the ugliest creatures to ever walk the planet. That much we know. What's less clear is whether or not the departed creature was the elusive goat-sucking beast.

Interestingly, that wasn't the only chupacabra sighting around Hood County. A second creature was spotted and killed several miles away. Both appear to be either hairless coyotes, extremely ugly dogs, or, who knows? Maybe the thing they call el chupacabra."
It looks like it was clearly a dog, maybe a coyote who'd lost it's hair. The property owner said it was not scared of him and acted like the neighbors dog. WHY the hell did they kill it then???? What's wrong with people?

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