Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Muslim Cocaine Dealer Sues Over Pork

File this under ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME????

"A Nebraska prison inmate is suing Lancaster county for a quarter of a million dollars. The devout Muslim alleges he was served pork while in custody – violating the rules of his religion.

Court records said that 48–year–old Dario Scott follows dietary restrictions that bar Muslims from eating pork and that in March while awaiting trial, he was assured that pork was not served in the Lancaster County jail.

But he was later told that pork was an ingredient in some of the jail food.

Scott says in his lawsuit that he was sickened by the pork and that his rights to practice his religion were violated.

Scott is serving three–to–five years in prison for cocaine distribution."
1.) He could have NOT EATEN THE PORK.
2.) I'm pretty sure cocaine is not allowed in Islam.
3.) Screw him.

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