Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obama Vs. Chamber Of Commerce/Rove

This truly is UNPRECEDENTED ( to use Obama's favorite word.). The October surprise from The White House seems to be that the Chamber of Commerce is taking foreign money from overseas to run ads.

1.) Is this really the best they can do?
2.) The burden of proof should be ON THE ACCUSER.
3.) Typical thuggery via Obama and his goons.
4.) I await Obama disclosing ALL THE FOREIGN MONEY he received for his presidential campaign.
Brit Hume said it best:
“The attacks by President Obama and the Democratic Party on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others say as much as any poll about the plight of the Democrats this fall,” Hume said. “The claim of foreign money flowing into Republican coffers is so transparently without proof that even organs of the mainstream media are saying so. No evidence has emerged, said The New York Times. The TV critic of the Baltimore Sun called the Democratic ad about foreign money, quote, ‘a new low in the midterm battle.’ The fact that President Obama himself has joined in such claims suggest that he and his party have given up all hope of appealing to swing voters who dislike this kind of attack. They now seem focused solely on trying to turn out Democratic base voters to keep the expected mid-term rout from turning into a massacre.”
Obama and his minions = TRAIN WRECK.

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