Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Hatred

I am honestly disgusted at this video. I mean everyone knows how "SALTY" I am but even I draw the line at wishing death on ANY politician or any person for that matter...save for Islamic terrorists.

The left's severe VIOLENT hatred of Palin defies explanation. Sarah Palin is NOT in any office at this time and has not been for over a year. She is not running for any public office. She is currently simply an American citizen practicing her freedom of speech. But the constant barrage of hate from the left aimed at her and even her children is unparalleled. Hell they didn't even hate Bush this much.

ATTENTION SHERIFF DUPNIK: THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF NORMAL AMERICANS. And these people voted for Obama, not Palin. These people listen to NPR, not Rush. These people think Kathy Griffin is funny. These people think Keith Olberdouche is a moderate. These people are laughing as they say they want Sarah Palin to be killed. THOSE PEOPLE are the fucking problem...not these people:




Hat Tip Walt.

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