Thursday, October 06, 2011

Obama And His Little Press Conference

Fuckin' A. I am listening to this cocksucker right now talk about how everything is the Republicans fault. That his "jobs bill" is "paid for" and evil Republicans are holding America back??? Is he fucking insane????

Then he goes on to call the violent, anti-semetic, anti-Christian Occupy Wall Street PSYCHO'S "frustrated Americans"???? But the PEACEFUL Tea Party protesters were racist, evil???????

This man is so fucking delusional the only real choice now is having him committed to an insane asylum. He truly needs mental health professionals NOW.

Hey dipshit....ALL your other "jobs bills" FAILED. FAILED FAILED FAILED!!!! YOU, sir, are a FAILURE. FAILURE. Paying a sevral thousand dollars a year to one guy for a "shovel ready" job is NOT a success. Sick fuck. REALLY, get help Obama, there are mental health professionals probably standing by waiting for your call.

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