Thursday, October 06, 2011

Weekend News: Obama Sucks Balls Edition

The violent"Occupy Wall Street" bitches are nothing but dirty millennial scum bags squatting on private property and throwing shit at police. Obama loves them.

World facing worst financial crisis in history......I'm sure this is George Bush's fault right?


And to think.....leftards thought BUSH was bad....Reid's ‘nuclear option’ changes rules, ends repeat filibusters.......

Census: Housing bust worst since Great Depression.....yeah well when you give homes to illegals and people making min wage....

Staying Classy: Martin Bashir Exploits Steve Jobs’ Death To Slam Sarah Palin.....Seriously who the fuck watches that channel anymore?

Oh SNAP: Labrador Calls for Resignation of Attorney General Holder Over "Fast and Furious" Testimony Discrepancies.....ABOUT TIME, someone grew a pair.

Speaking of rats jumping ship......Energy Department Official in Charge of Solyndra Loan Program to Step Down...the wheels on the bus go round and round...

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