Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bill Clinton @ The DNC

He managed what few could PRAISE the Bush's and nominate Obama at the same time. Then he praises Biden...and makes HIM look good while basically slapping the shit out of the Democrats and their whining. It was amazing. He continues to amaze me.

I love how the audience is nodding and cheering when he says politics don't have to be a blood sport....on the heals of that Puerto Rican Bronx native calling for Romneys' death today.

Loved it. Guy can spew words he has no belief in so very very well. One could almost forget he's the one who enacted DON'T ASK DON'T TELL and got impeached for getting a blow job in the oval office. He was also instrumental in the housing bubble explosion that was directly responsible for this depression we are in. I'm sure those little things don't matter, because he's such a good speaker.

Look people, he DID NOT HAVE SEX with that woman. He said so and Bill Clinton always tells the truth.

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