Thursday, September 06, 2012

Democratic Tolerance

After Bill Clinton got done praising George W. Bush's African initiatives and George H.W. Bush's help with Haiti...he went on to talk about how the Democrats were a bunch of nasty ass bitches who are only "tolerant" when they feel like it. That they needed to reach across the aisle like he did. Those gathered at the DNC (including the psycho who said she wanted to kill Mitt Romney) wouldn't know what "reaching across the aisle" meant of they got slapped upside the head with the 30 jobs bills the Rethuglicans have passed that sit languishing in the Senate (read:LIBTARD OBSTRUCTIONISTS). At least that's what I GOT out of his long winded diatribe last night.

So HOW TOLERANT are the DNC participants? Well....let's see....

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