Thursday, September 06, 2012

Live Blogging Obama's DNC Acceptance Speech

It's gonna be HILLARY-OUS.

Awwwww HEEEEEEEEEERE'S Biden! It's a love fest. A puke worthy one at that. Awwww Jilly!!!

4 years said: "Obama is not ready to be commander in chief." You were right.

Michelle's face as she looks at Biden is like FUCK YOU FUCKER. Why does she always look like that?

Obama is concerned for all Americans? Really? Even say...Sean Hannity? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! He sure as hell isn't doing ME any favors Bidey boy.

Honey it's going to be OK if you make sure NOT to vote for Barry in November.

Obama would NEVER have gotten Bin Laden without BUSH. PERIOD. P-E-R-I-O-D. Give credit where it is ACTUALLY due.

That's all you got Biden? Bin Laden and GM? Wow. Biden finally got one thing right...Mitt and Barry are VERY different. One knows how to run a business and one knows how to run his ego.

Hey Biden can you tell me why the Department of Treasury owns a fucking car company? @unconstitutional.

The Bain Way? YOU MEAN SUCCESS? Biden you are an idiot. I need a beer.

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I.....It's always about him. He's slipped over into preacher he lost me.

Yawn, so what's on TV tonight? Anything good? Obama would NEVER have gotten Bin Laden without BUSH. PERIOD. P-E-R-I-O-D. Give credit where it is ACTUALLY due.

That's all you got Biden? Bin Laden and GM? Wow.

Uhhhhhh Romney has no intention whatsoever to increase taxes on the middle class you lying sack of shit.....GAWD now he's crying about criminal invaders? Good lord... the kids the kids....When we need an ACT (Lilly Ledbetter) it's NOT equality. I don't care how sick I am....I am so going to go have a beer now...Joe Biden said, "My dad respected Barack Obama - would've respected Barack Obama if he'd been around".

Is he trying to channel Kennedy? What is with all the "My Fellow Americans"? GAG.


OK... the Obama introduction video is actually making me want to hurl chunks. It's like a trailer for a bad chick flick.

HEEEEEEERE'S Barry. 20,000 doesn't have the same punch does it Barry? They sound like zombie hoards.

Right about here I'm thinking we could replace Barry with Ron Paul. That would be fun.

Yeah I am REALLY sick of hearing you approve any message.

Forward is the new backwards....

Good LORD!!!! He has compared himself to Reagan, King, Kennedy and now FDR???? Fucking multiple personalities.

Barry you are aware you've made it WORSE....right?

So like Biden all he has is GM and Bin Laden.

HEY BARRY....two words: KEYSTONE PIPELINE. And GM is outsourcing you stupid fuck.

Is it just me or are the people in the audience looking at him like he's some kind of god even though he's making the same boring speech he's made for 4 years?

I'd leave off talking about "green energy" Barry....Solyndra was a no no.

Oh he's blaming the "oil companies"???? This really IS a recycled speech. Yawn....time for a smoke.

Newsflash Barry, education is not free.

Wait....did he just make a joke about insulting England? LOL!!!!

"We've increased alliances?" Yeah with terrorist regimes.

Barry does remember it was BUSH'S timeline to withdrawal, right?

So if he's gonna fix EVERYTHING...why has he not done it yet? I mean he's had nearly 4 years. Idiot.

Romney is going to shred his shit in the debates.

I'm eager to reach a compromise with my bi-partisan debt commission? LOL!!!


They should retire with the care they have earned? What about the millions who did NOT earn it? And now he's bitching about Wall Street? They carried his ass in '08.

Isn't this the same speech he gave in 2008. There is not one new idea here and the old ones are proven energy, shovel ready jobs, punishing success, spreading wealth...

Who's the fear monger..."Obama says Romney wants you to be uneducated, sick, poor, homeless, and that you get dirty water and air." -Check Woolery

Uhhhh ohh...he's gonna run over into the MTV Music Awards...what to do what to do....

Oh good he just used the Ben Rumson line from American President...LAME.

FACT CHECK -"Times have changed and so have I," but Michelle Obama said he had NOT CHANGED.-MKH

Obama attacks evil donors w/"$10 million checks trying to buy this election." [Meet him at the luxury hotel in Charlotte AFTER the speech.] -Michelle Malkin

Obama is praising American Exceptionalism, Free Markets, Our Creator and Entrepreneurship...and..his followers are cheering him. Are they friggin' stupid or merely blind followers? He has fought or ridiculed everyone one of those institutions. Tonight he has chosen to wrap himself in it.-Rick Amato

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