Monday, April 15, 2013

Terrorist Attack In Boston

I learned of this not long after my Mom called me at work today. When she said there was a in America, my stomach flipped. I tried to keep up but being at work it was hard. I'm combing through the info that is coming in now.

The presser being held now confirms 3 dead and over 100 injured. Some critically. Clearly, flying body parts=critical.

There seems to be a Saudi national allegedly being held but there is absolutely no other information on that front.

The Presser with the Mass Gov and other big wigs just wrapped up. First question at the presser is some fucktard who actually asked if this was a false flag attack. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Check that mother fuckers credentials. As the presser ends the false flag fuck is screaming, he was ignored. Good. Idiot.

Bill O'Reilly, "This is not a trajedy Mr. President as you stated. This is an act of war and the American people are going to demand quick answers unlike you dragging your feet with Benghazi." Well said.

The Skeptical Libertarian came up with the top most disgusting knee jerk reactions to the attack, HERE.

Hero of the Day: The Man in the cowboy hat who held onto a mans shattered legs (the femoral artery itself actually) until he could get him to help.

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