Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Is A Terrorist

So David Axelrod has come out and said the President is reserving judgement because you know the TERRORIST BOMBINGS at the Boston Marathon could be related to Tax Day. Inferring of course that the President and indeed Axelrod himself thinks there is a very real possibility this TERRORIST ATTACK was perpetrated by Tea Partiers or some right wing extremist. When of course the ones who would use tactics like this are more OWS/Weather Underround likely.

Regardless of who did this let ME be clear, it was a TERRORIST ATTACK. Just like Nidal Hassan's murder of 13 people at Ft. Hood, which to this day Obama has not done FUCK ALL ABOUT, terror attacks are just that, attacks made to terrorize.

The person or people responsible for yesterdays atrocities is/are TERRORIST(s). Period.

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