Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Fired For Being A Man

Let me see if I have this pun intended...This Phil Robertson guy from this show on A&E called Duck Dynasty says he likes pussy. He doesn't understand dudes butt fucking one another. I mean he says pretty much exactly that and as a heterosexual man this seems pretty normal.

He then goes on to share HIS opinion on sexual behavior that is not what he considers kosher, i.e. butt fucking and dog fucking and douchenozzles who cheat and screw around. HIS opinion is not favorable for those who do those things.

I'd hazard a guess that a good 90% (+/- a few)of men in this country also feel the same way. They do not want to fuck dogs/goats, men or cheat.

But GLAAD get's all pissed off and A&E fires the matriarch of a family that has some stupid ass "reality" show, which I have never in my life watched, all because GLAAD says so? Not just ANY stupid ass "reality" show. But apparently the highest rated show in cable history.

Correct me if I am wrong.

How does this make sense? Does A&E not want to make money? Or does this just boil down to a network so cowed by a handful of stupid fucks they actually fired their bread winner? Cause I can guarantee...I have not only not watched a single show on that network in my life but I can guarantee, if this is the reason they fired this guy, for being a heterosexual male, I will NEVER watch a show on that network ever in the future.

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