Saturday, December 21, 2013

How Nice For Obama

While house prices plummet again and unemployment swells, people are battling the outrageous insurance prices and retailers are crying in their beer over the poor sales this year....Obama heads off for a 17 day vacation in Hawaii. The country is in chaos and Obama heads off for a 17 day Hawaiian vacation.

Is this guy for real? Seriously. Look I know he has children and needs some time "off" to spend with his kids during the holidays...but for people like me who have been deeply effected by his Obamacare and millions of others who are struggling right now, it seems VERY repugnant that he is heading off to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars to surf and eat ice cream.

I just don't understand who does this guys PR. It would not anger anyone if he stayed in DC or maybe headed to his Chicago for a few days...but 17 days? Hawaii? Fucking joke.

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